FBS Dominance in the NFL and the Significance of Victory Commemorative Rings
09.15.2023 | tuningchampionrings |

The NFL season has kicked off, and one statistic is especially staggering: 1,696. That's the total number of players across all active NFL rosters. Breaking that down further, 1,503 players hail from the FBS (Football Bowl Subdivision), which constitutes a whopping 88.6% of the league.

As we all gear up for another exhilarating NFL season, let's take a look at the collegiate powerhouses that have been significant in populating the NFL. But we're not just talking about the numbers; we'll also delve into how these career milestones are often celebrated with NFL victory commemorative rings and how you can partake in the glory with a custom championship ring collection.

The Deadline and The Cuts

This year, the NFL had a hard deadline of August 29 at 4 p.m. ET, forcing teams to trim their 90-player rosters down to 53. This extensive cutting process highlighted the competitiveness in the league and brought into focus the FBS conferences that consistently churn out NFL talent.

SEC Takes the Cake

According to the latest news, the SEC leads the way when it comes to FBS players in the NFL, followed by the Big Ten and ACC. These three conferences make up 57.7% of the total number of FBS players on an active NFL roster.

Schools in the Spotlight

Alabama holds the crown with 57 players, including notable names like rookie Bryce Young with the Carolina Panthers, Mac Jones of the New England Patriots, and Tua Tagovailoa of the Miami Dolphins. Other significant contributors are Georgia, Ohio State, LSU, Michigan, and Clemson. Outside of the SEC, Big Ten, and ACC, Oklahoma and Southern Cal make significant contributions, each with 32 and 27 players, respectively.

NFL Victory Commemorative Rings

This is where it gets even more exciting. NFL players often celebrate their career milestones, Super Bowl wins, and league achievements with victory commemorative rings. These rings are more than just jewelry; they are tokens of hard work, skill, and a spirit of teamwork. If you're a fan, collecting these rings can bring you closer to the action. Companies specialize in offering custom championship ring collections that replicate these highly coveted pieces of sports history.

Why Custom Championship Ring Collections?

A custom championship ring collection allows you to experience the joy and pride that come with these incredible milestones. You can own replicas of the rings won by your favorite teams or players, a wonderful way to honor the athletes who transitioned from FBS to NFL stardom.


The FBS schools and conferences play a massive role in supplying talent to the NFL. As we look forward to this NFL season, let's not forget to pay homage to these collegiate powerhouses that serve as the backbone of America's most beloved sport. And what better way to celebrate than to start your own custom championship ring collection?

So as you cheer for your favorite FBS alumni this season, consider marking the occasion with NFL victory commemorative rings, a timeless tribute to excellence on the football field.

Note: The statistics mentioned are based on active 53-man rosters as of September 4, 2023.